Belarus President expects positive economic growth in 2018

Belarus President expects positive economic growth in 2018

According to tradition, on the eve of the New Year holidays a solemn ceremony was held at the Palace of Independence during which the President gave state awards to prominent persons of the country.

Alexander Lukashenko thanked people of various professions for the benefit of the country. This time, about 40 people were awarded: scientists, aviators, production workers, doctors, and artists. All of them contribute to the prosperity of Belarus and, congratulating them on the upcoming holiday, the head of state noted that he expects positive economic growth in 2018.

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Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
In this hall we gathered those who, with a concrete example, showed true devotion to their cause. Each your achievement instills a sense of confidence in the future of Belarus. Workers of the industrial sector deserve warm words of appreciation. Belarus' dynamic development in many respects depends on this success.

Thanks to the best specialists of the agro-industrial complex, Belarus has maintained its leadership in the world food market. All this would be impossible without scientific support. 2017 is marked by the achievements of our scientists, especially the successes in developing the introduction of innovative technologies in production.

Representatives of the construction sector, civil aviation made a significant contribution to the development of the economy. The employees of our power structures provide national security and law and order in the world.

Among the awardees are also teachers, representatives of mass media, famous sportsmen, coaches who have made the country famous on the world stage, cultural figures, artists, whose creativity knows about Belarus and our traditions far beyond its borders. Dear friends,

I hope, these deserved high awards will be an incentive for you

and inspire to other achievements and successes. Taking this opportunity, let me congratulate you on the coming New Year, I'm sure it will be a year of labor wins, fulfillment of plans, projects, a year of positive economic growth.

Many of those awarded visited the Palace of Independence for the first time. Before the solemn ceremony they were given a tour of this magnificent building. In addition to the hall of state awards, they visited the rooms where meetings of the highest level and key negotiations take place. The guests appreciated the New Year's decoration of the Palace of Independence, too.