What do Belarus and Belgium residents have in common?

What do Belarus and Belgium residents have in common?

Not a single day in this family passes without this drink. This herbal tea Oksana brings with her every time she visits Belarus.

Oksana Skrev, founder of Belarus Today association (Belgium):
Belarusian tea with Belgian dessert, tarts with rice.

Such food is not something surprising for this family. In the 1990’s the couple met at an exhibition, and in 2017 celebrated their bronze wedding. In the time the national traditions in their house had time to mix up.

Oksana Skrev:
We got married in a Catholic church in Belarus. My husband even thought of converting into a different religion because of his big love to Belarus.

The proofs to this are paintings by Belarusian artists. Oksana Skrev: Russian art appeals to him as well. A few years ago Oksana founded an association “Belarus today” for Belarusian living in Belgium, and for Belgians who want to open the beauties of Belarus.

Oksana Skrev:
As for the political arena, the warming in the relations between Belarus and Belgium are felt. Belgians quite often tell me that now they can visit Belarus without a visa up to five days. It is the first step which is very welcome.

Now they understand that Belarus is a European country, you shouldn’t be afraid of, and there are only positive feedbacks from people who visited it.

Sometimes, the peculiarities of local lifestyle bare business ideas.

Oksana Skrev:
For instance, if you need to make anappointment with the hairdresser’s, with  surgeon or any other doctor, to a specialist of a certain level you need to wait one month or two, and sometimes even three. But in Belarus to wait for an appointment to see a doctor for one month is not normal.

The family is planning to spend their New Year holidays in Belarus. Calm atmosphere and nature is what they like in Belarus. And it is not surprising that they chose to live outside Brussels.

Oksana Skrev:
I will be honest, the level of criminality is increasing due to the asylum seekers in the streets now.

The children of Oksana were born in Belgium, but they consider Belarus their second home. Anastasia always spends her holidays in Minsk.

Anastasia Skrev:
I like Belarusian cuisine very much. Mum often cooks Belarusian dishes. I enjoy borshch very much (beetroot soup), draniki (potato pancakes), kolduny. Bulba (potatoes in the Belarusian language)!

Nevertheless, Belarusians have something else in common with the Belgians.

Oksana Skrev:
We often call ourselves here a union of “bel-bel”, because both Belarus and Belgium begin from the same three letters.