Minsk public transport to have separate traffic lines

Minsk public transport to have separate traffic lines

Photo: transportglobus.info

The chairman Minsk City Executive Committee Andrei Shorets has given indication to prepare a project on giving Minsk public transport spate traffic lines.

“It is necessary to develop a plan for the year to come, which will prioritize the public traffic movement”, said Andrei Shorest at a meeting of the Executive Committee.

What is more, he emphasized on the positive experience of Moscow in this issue.

Some one year ago Andrei Shorets said the Minsk authorities are going to analyze what influence a separate public transport traffic line will have. And then it was also mentioned, that ordinary drivers driving in that lane will be fined.

“If it makes things better, we will then give a separate traffic line for the public transport with full control- using photo and video recording for violating the rules. So that no car besides the public transport drives in this lane. Therefore, we will make the schedule of the public transport more efficient”, said Andrei Shorets one year ago.

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Photo: transportglobus.info