New edition of Decree No. 3: what to expect?

New edition of Decree No. 3: what to expect?

The Main task of the meeting in the Palace of the Republic on December 21 was aimed at a result concerning the new edition of Decree No. 3.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We must improve this project, considering those mistakes and drawbacks, which were made whilst developing Decree No. 3 and make it down to earth. First of all we need to balance it. To give people a possibility, from the one hand, to find a job, and from the other, to make those work who can but doesn’t want to.

The second conceptual demand is that it is not us who should search for these people and take measures. They live in certain towns and settlements. And there are authorities who will solve the issue, whether a person can work or not, whether he is in a difficult situation or not. If this person is in a difficult life situation, he must be supported. If he is a parasite, then he must be made to work. We must create a law corridor or a law field, as solicitors says.

At the beginning of 2016 the head of state signed a decree, which postponed the fulfillment of the document on social parasitism. And here is the new edition of the decree. The two main differences from the previous one is that there will be individual approach to everyone and the system of stimulating employment will change as well. The fee is canceled. But those who should work, but do not want to will compensate 100% of the cost of the services the state finances.

Vasily Zharko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
In the first quarter we must determine the services and the category of the society which will be listed there. And from January 2019, the fee will be compensated 100%.

To help with employment is the task of local authorities, but people shouldn’t be sitting with their eyes folded. What is more, the government supports business liberalization. Everyone today has a possibility to work for himself. Working places are being created as well.

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