Much less red tape at Belarus High-Tech Park starting from 2018

Much less red tape at Belarus High-Tech Park starting from 2018

The Belarusian President has signed the decree On Digital Economy, where the High-Tech Park (HTP) is the focal point. The decree on the development of digital economy in Belarus was dubbed Decree on HTP 2.0.

In terms of de-beurocratization   the Decree provides for the following simplifications of working conditions for HTP residents:

- the permissive procedure for opening accounts with non-resident banks is canceled;

- the procedure for making settlements using electronic money is simplified;

- it is permitted to conduct, with the notification procedure, currency transactions related to the movement of capital;

- HTP residents are given the right to make primary accounting documents solely during economic transactions with non-residents;

- formalize homogeneous economic transactions with one primary accounting document;

- use as a primary accounting document the document issued by a non-resident and drawn up in English;

- legislation on conducting and monitoring foreign trade operations, including requirements for the timing and methods of completing foreign trade operations, does not apply to foreign trade operations involving HTP residents

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