Conditions for becoming Belarus Hi-Tech Park resident expanded in 2017

Conditions for becoming Belarus Hi-Tech Park resident expanded in 2017

The Belarusian President has signed the decree On Digital Economy, where the High-Tech Park (HTP) is the central point. The decree on the development of digital economy was given the informal name of the Decree on HTP 2.0.

The decree substantially expands types of activities that give the right to become resident of the HTP

The decree provides for a list of 38 types of activity in the sphere of high technologies, among which there are:

- creation, training of neural networks and other algorithms in specialized sections of artificial intelligence, implementation of the results of this activity;

- development, maintenance, operation and implementation of unmanned vehicle control systems;

- development or stages of development of medical technologies, biotechnologies, implementation of the results of such developments;

- activities for software publication;

- educational activities in the field of information and communication technologies, including via the Internet, under programs approved by the HTP administration;

- services related to the creation and placement of digital signs (tokens), including promotion services and other related services;

- the activity of the crypto-currency exchange;

- the activity of the operator regulating crypto-currency exchange;

- mining;

- other activities involving tokens, including those containing signs of professional and stock-exchange activities in securities, investment fund activities, securitization, as well as operations to create and place one's own tokens;

- activities to provide advertising, intermediary services (except banking transactions) via the Internet using software developed with the participation of an HTP resident;

- activities in the field of e-sports, including the training of teams, the organization of competitions, and their broadcasts;

This list is not limited to these activities. The Supervisory Board of the HTP, by its decision, has the right to determine other types of activities.