BelBiograd: Ambitious Belarusian scientific project

BelBiograd: Ambitious Belarusian scientific project

The intellectual side of Belarus is impossible without BelBiograd. This is a national scientific and technological park, where work will be carried out in the fields of bio- and nanotechnology, pharmacy and instrument-making.

The Belarus President, Alexander Lukashenko, supported the ambitious project, but demanded that the creators outline a clear concept and justify the granting of tax privileges and preferences. The logical question is why create another structure if this work is conducted today at laboratories and institutes of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I looked at the draft of the relevant decree. It is also about a special zone. What is this special zone? Do we have such zones in the legislation in general and in practice? Well and most importantly: how demanded is this project? What will it give for the development of science and economy?

According to the idea, BelBiograd will work in the territory of the Akademgorodok (Academics' Town) of the National Academy of Sciences. The organization is an analogue of the High Technology Park, which creates one of the leading branches of Belarus' economy - information technologies. For scientists, this is an excellent opportunity to implement innovative ideas and thereby ensure information breakthrough in the economy.

Vladimir Gusakov, Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences:
This is a large national park, where not only fundamental research will be carried out, but also applied research; this is where innovative high-tech industries will be created. BelBiograd provides conditions for attracting investments.

To be a scientist in Belarus is not only prestigious but also profitable. Salaries of some scientists may increase by 300%. But the main condition for such an increase is the tangible result.