Schoolgirl glorifies Belarus thanks to socks

Schoolgirl glorifies Belarus thanks to socks

A young resident of Slutsk, 10-year-old Svetlana Krupskaya, has glorified Belarusian socks overseas.

The girl presented an author's product at the international design competition in the USA and entered the top ten. The schoolgirl fought for the victory on equal terms with the adult participants, about 6,000 people. The girl sent several sketches at the contest, but the jury chose only one.

Rope Walkers - this is a pair of socks that brought her success. She was recognized as the fourth best design. The Belarusian needed only 25 more points to win.

Svetlana Krupskaya, designer:
I was inspired by the fact that they seem to be in a circus, they are not afraid. I like to look at the city from height, so I decided that they would walk over the city. I doubted they would pick me. Especially in those days when the works were viewed - two weeks... I worried very much. But when I passed, it was a very big joy.

Svetlana has been engaged in creative activities since the age of 6. He tries himself in various competitions embodying new ideas each time. In the future, the schoolgirl wants to become a designer of clothes.