Will Belarus switch to Belarusian language in humanities studies?

Will Belarus switch to Belarusian language in humanities studies?

All the humanitarian subjects at school need to be taught in the Belarusian language, MP, the chairman of the commission on education of culture and science Igor Marzalyuk said at the congress of scientists. The only problem is teachers who need to be taught their native language.

"I think it would be right if the humanitarian block was taught in Belarusian," said deputy Igor Marzalyuk at the congress of scientists in Minsk.

The Belarus Ministry of Education does not seem to be ready to support the deputy's initiative. However, it is known that the history of Belarus in schools will be taught only in Belarusian soon.

"Today, many teachers already teach history in their native language. It is still difficult to say exactly when it will be. World history will still be in Russian. We've not thought about other subjects yet," the Ministry of Education responded to the initiative of Igor Marzalyuk.

There should be no problems with textbooks for humanitarian subjects. The Institute of Education assures that if there is an order, these textbooks will be printed.

Gymnasiums and schools don't seem to see any problems with teaching in Belarusian. They say, however, that they would like to listen to all the children and their parents.

"If a student wants to sit the exam in Belarusian, they do it, there's no problems with that. At history lessons, we ask children what they find more comfortable. For now most choose the Russian language," answered at Gymnasium No.40 of Minsk.

Former Minister of Education Mikhail Zhuravkov was also in favor of teaching the history of Belarus and geography in the Belarusian language, but these reforms were not realized. In Minsk, there are specialized Belarusian-language classes in 11 educational institutions. Five gymnasiums and one school fully teach in the Belarusian language.