BelGee planning to manufacture affordable price Geely cars

BelGee planning to manufacture affordable price Geely cars

Geely is considered to be one of the safest cars in China. Specialist emphasize that the Chinese quality is getting better and better. Some time ago Japanese, Korean products were criticized. However, today it is high time to get rid of the 1990’s stereotypes. The moto of Geely is “Let everyone have a perfect automobile”. The stress on the availability and quality made these cars popular in 50 countries. This is why Geely holds the leading position amongst the most available cars. Good price, a worthy level of comfort and a premium class design.

Now Geely is planning to manufacture cars with more affordable prices than stated before. It will cost around about 9.5- 11.5 thousand dollars.

On December 15 the prices on a range of Geely cars became known to the public. The prices on Geely Atlas, for instance, will start off from 17.6 thousand dollars. Nevertheless, the car manufacturing plant BelGee noted that the prices presented earlier are only recommended for legal bodies and the prices will be reviewed for physical bodies later on.

If you intend to buy a Geely car then you should know that there are two car centers of Geely in Minsk, which opened on December 15 of the current year. “Geely Center Minsk” is located 123 Timiryazeva Sreet and “Luxery Motors+” center is located at 88 Orlovskaya Street, near the Toyota car center.

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