Visa, National Airport Minsk launch Prioritized service for passengers

Visa, National Airport Minsk launch Prioritized service for passengers

Such a fun flashmob was not by chance in Minsk National Airport. Belarusians began flying abroad more often, the go on business and simply to have a rest.

This inspired the Visa company and the National Airport to create a new Prioritized service. Now Visa Platinum and Visa Infinite card holders will travel abroad with pleasure. It is a real present for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Igor Kovalev, regional manager of Visa in Belarus, Azerbaijan and Moldova:
The slogan of Visa is everywhere you want to be. The slogan more broadly opens the sense of our activity. We are trying to unite all the card holders in the world so that they could use the card in any place safely and with no trouble.

Kristina Dorosh, head of products department, Visa, the CIS and South-East Europe:
The service renders the right to use airport services in a prioritized order. After referring to the information desk, and having gone through all the necessary formal procedures, the client then gets a voucher with the help of which he can register, give in the luggage or go through the security check in a prioritized order. All of this can be done without wasting time in queues!

In order to get this voucher, a client has to give either Visa Platinum or Visa Infinite active cards; it must be issued in the Republic of Belarus and have a positive balance of one dollar minimum.

One can use this service no more than once in 24 hours.

But what is more pleasant is that this service can also be rendered to an adult the card holder is travelling with. Either a Visa Platinum or Visa Infinite card holder can offer his partner (wife or husband) and two children under 12 to use this prioritized service together with him. The new service doesn’t depend on the class of the ticket.

Kristina Dorosh:
We see that such services are in demand in other airports and therefore, we understand that this service in Minsk National Airport will also be popular.

The prioritized services will be in force till December 2018.