Belarus' KGB pins down 36 foreign spies over past 5 years


Belarus' KGB pins down 36 foreign spies over past 5 years

In the period of the past five years, as many as 36 foreign spies have been determined in Belarus, 13 of them have been convicted, and one of them has been swapped for 2 Belarusian citizens, who have been convicted somewhere abroad.

Nevertheless, among the 36 spies who have been pinned down by the Belarusian State Security Committee (KGB), there is one citizen of the Republic of Belarus.

The man is a former officer, he was blackmailed, threatened and this is how he was recruited, The former officer had to gather information about state secrets and then forward this information to those for whom he was spying for. What is more, the man tried involving his former colleague into the spying activity, and finally the spy was revealed.

The former senior officer was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

And another scandal issue which is worth mentioning here. Not so long ago a Ukrainian spy was detained in Belarus, and currently the criminal case is coming to its final stage.

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