Why visit Brest history museum?

Why visit Brest history museum?

The oldest clock in Brest turned 250 years. This clock is one of the most valuable exhibits of the Brest history museum. On the clock you can see the year of its manufacture - 1767 and also the name of the watchmaker.

The front side is decorated with a heart pierced by an arrow of the Cupid. Therefore, the clock is called "love clock". This is not the only exhibit that the Brest history museum boasts. Recently, the museum has unveiled their new art object.

Svetlana Tomchuk, director of the Museum of Brest History:
Our museum houses a lot of museum items that contain romantic love stories for many years and for many centuries. This is why we opened in our small museum yard a stylized tree - a small art object, called the "Tree of Love." On this "Tree of Love" we have a heart pierced by the arrow of the Cupid. This is the same heart that is engraved on our antique clock.

Love Tree is believed to help make wishes come true.

We hope it will become popular with Brest residents and tourists. Moreover, it grows on the Brest street that is the richest in terms of its history.

Museum address: 3 Levanevskogo Street, Brest