Belarus' inflation at 0.5% so far

Belarus' inflation at 0.5% so far

Belarus’ inflation rate summed up to 0.5% in November and the prices on commercial services increased by 0.8%.

The inflation rates in the European Union were not as high, somewhere around about 0,1%. What is more, the highest inflation rate in November in the EU was in Estonia- 0.6%. Nevertheless, reasonable price increase has been recorded in Poland and Estonia, where the prices grew by about 0.4%.

It is quite interesting to know that some European countries saw deflation in November.

For instance in Malta the prices fell down by about 2.3% in November, in the Netherlands by 0.4%, in Ireland by 0.2 %, and the prices in Luxemburg remained the same.

Only Ukraine from the neighboring countries of Belarus had a higher inflation of 0.9% in November. Russia’s inflation in November stayed at the same level as in October and summed up to 0.2%.

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