Public transport ticket machines to appear in Minsk ahead of 2019 European Games

Public transport ticket machines to appear in Minsk ahead of 2019 European Games

Very soon Minsk residents will be able to buy public transport tickets and passes through special machines at bus stops. However, it is planned that such machines will be installed only in 2019, when Minsk will be hosting the Second European Games.

According to the director of Minsktrans Leontiy Papenok, such machines will also be installed in trading centers.

“These machines should work 24/7 and what is more, it will be possible to buy a ticket via cash or credit card”.

This will certainly allow expanding the network of selling public transport tickets. Despite it being convenient, it will free the drivers from selling tickets whilst driving. Quite often passengers say that they could buy tickets from a driver, because he did not have any change. But after the control over passengers buying tickets was increased, the drivers had more work to do.

“They shouldn’t sell tickets, it is not their job, their main task is to drive the passengers safely and to keep up with the time schedule”, explains the director of Minsktrans.

It is not surprising that some passengers tend to give big money note to the driver on purpose. And even if the driver does have the change, it takes up a lot of time to give this change to the passenger.

Therefore, Minsktrans has come up with an initiative to raise the cost of a ticket up to BYN 1 when buying it from a driver, so that people buy their tickets beforehand.

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