Crime rate in Belarus down 7.5% in 2017

Crime rate in Belarus down 7.5% in 2017

Crime in Belarus in 2017 is declining, while digital technologies are becoming increasingly important. The President received a report from the Chairman of the Belarus Investigative Committee on December 18.

Alexander Lukashenko inquired about the work of the investigative bodies after the reform, the current state of affairs, staff optimization and the results of the investigation in the criminal cases that were in public spotlight.

Since early 2017, more than 70% of all crimes have been solved in Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I would like to hear your personal impressions in connection with this reform, since you are former prosecutor. The second is the situation in the Investigative Committee itself, especially in connection with staff optimization. Third is a number of criminal cases that are under the control of the President. Including those who received the greatest public response: how they are being investigated, whether investigation is completed... What were the difficulties in the investigation of these cases? And last but not least: the criminal situation in the country in general from the point of view of the Investigative Committee. I am asking, because by the end of this year I plan to listen to the reports of all law enforcement agencies; we will seriously check some law enforcement and armed forces structures judging by their work this year.

Ivan Noskevich reported that crime rate in Belarus declined by about 7.5% in 11 months, and the burden on the Investigative Committee itself fell by the same amount.

Ivan Noskevich, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
Crimes related to drunk driving and drug-related crimes have reduced. This is because these two areas have got particular attention in recent years, including at the level of the country's leadership.

Burden on Investigavie Committee staff will be reduced also thanks to digital technologies. Now the Committee is working on its own unified automated system. The process is planned to be completed in the next few years. It includes an electronic criminal cases, elements borrowed from international practice, as well as own ideas.

The Chairman of the Belarus Investigative Committee especially noted the cooperation with foreign colleagues. During 2017, several working meetings and exchanges of visits with partners from different countries were held, and new contacts were also established. Such cooperation allowed suppressing the activities of an international cybercrime group, which included a citizen of Belarus.