Belarusian beauty becomes Second Vice Mrs World 2017

Belarusian beauty becomes Second Vice Mrs World 2017

A grand beauty competition has been held in South Africa. “Mrs World” in Johannesburg gathered 35 beauties from all over the world.

And great news for Belarus! Darya Reut won the third prize and can now proudly call herself the Second Vice Mrs of the World.

The beauty competition gathered married women, those who have children and who are successful in their career. Darya is a the famous editor of magazine Famous, she is a mother of a four-year-old son Mark and what is more, the brand My Muse Vintage belongs to her. By profession she is a teacher of the Belarusian and Russian languages and literatures.

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The jury of the competition gave the Belarusian beauty the third place, the First Vice Mrs. Is a representative of Costa Rica and the winner of the competition is a representative of Hong Kong.

During the competition, Darya had something to say.

“I suppose that a participant of this competition should not only be a good mother and wife, but be a personality as well. And I promise that if I win the competition, I will be open to all the people”.

Congratulations to Darya! Hopefully, it is not her last achievement in beauty pageants and she will be able to represent Belarus once again.

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