Belarusian miners break record in potash industry

Belarusian miners break record in potash industry

Belarusian miners have broken the record on the territory of the former Soviet states; they have deepened 81 meters down the earth’s womb in just one month.

The results were reached at Petrikov mining and processing plant and now the miners are half way to the potash recourses of the Polesie region. It is expected that in 2019 the plant will produce its first lot of goods.

Vasily Krasochka, shaft sinker:
We managed to show a great result. Everyone is happy and we are in a very happy mood now.

Denis Diulin, director general of a building plant:
Shaft sinking is considered to be rather difficult, because a shaft sinker doesn’t know where he is going and what to expect. The grounds here are water-flooded but it is not something that cannot be solved. Therefore, it is twice more difficult work, and most importantly, it is nature, environment, water. Water for a potash plant is death. Therefore, we gain momentum here.

About one fifth of potash export in the world belongs to Belarus.

Petrikov deposit will allow to increase the production power of the sector and to take a stronger position on international markets.

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