How will IT sector influence Belarus: experts’ view

How will IT sector influence Belarus: experts’ view

The development of the IT sector means new working places. Nevertheless, the requirements for a position of an IT specialist are very high, no one will employ you without good education and a bright mind.

Andrei Derekh financial analyst:
Belarus has always differed (in the Eurasian area as well) that we have our own highly-qualified specialists. Therefore, in this direction we can find our serious shelf, even on the basis of our own personnel.

Vladislav Shchepov, Chairman of the Standing Commission for Economic Policy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
We need to forecast the consequences of the development of IT technologies, because they fasten life, the economy and economic processes. All the countries are developing in this direction, and who will be the first to follow this way, will take a certain key place in the world economy.

Daniel Krutsinna, digital economy specialist:
The classical working class is unnecessary now, What will we be doing with these people? It would be a shame to get rid of such a good working class that Belarus has preserved. Therefore, may be it is necessary to pay attention to those sectors, where qualified manual work is still in demand.

Georgy Grits, financial analyst:
It is a challenge to our ministries to create a completely new system of employment, a new system of requalification. Because IT t today is an instrument. The new industrial economy is based on IT technologies. It is not a contrast; it is more of something additional. It is new possibilities.