Information boards in Chinese language appear in Minsk

Information boards in Chinese language appear in Minsk

Upper Town From now on it will be a lot easier for tourists coming to Belarus from China to find their way around Minsk. Information boards in the Chinese language have appeared in the Upper Town of Belarus’ capital.

Earlier on, signs in the Chinese language in Belarus could only be found in Minsk National Airport, however, now it is completely different. Tourism portal of Belarus now has information about Minsk in the Chinese language, so any Chinese person can freely access this page and find the information about Belarus’ capital he is interested in.

What is more, leaflets on the top-16 places of Minsk a tourist can visit will now also be available in the Chinese language at Minsk National Airport, travel agencies, hotels and etcetera.

The cooperation ties of Belarus and China are very close, and not only in the economy sector. 2018 has been announced the year of Belarusian tourism in China. In the nearest future the two countries are planning to make this cooperation even closer. The introduction of the visa-free regime to Belarus will simplify the issue, and hopefully, more tourists from China will come to Belarus and enjoy the beauties of the country.

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