New resident in Minsk Zoo: meet lemur Julien

New resident in Minsk Zoo: meet lemur Julien

 Everybody remembers the cartoon Madagascar and the funny character lemur King Julian, who used to present himself as following:

“Presenting your Royal Highness, the illustrious King Julien XIII, self -proclaimed Lord of the Lemurs, etc., etc., hurray everybody”.

Lemur Julien was brought to Minsk Zoo from Novosibirsk, but in the time he already showed the workers of the Zoo what type of character he has.

The scientific worker of the Zoo Tatiana Soltysova said that his character doesn’t resemble the character of King Julien in the cartoon “Madagascar”.

“He is very cute, he is still too small and he stands behind the female lemurs ”.

Lemurs have a matriarchy and males have no chance of taking the lead. Julien has been put into a company of two female lemurs, and hopefully, he will do what is rooted by nature. However, the female lemurs will have to wait till Julien reaches maturity when he is two. Currently, all they can do is enjoy communicating with Julien. 

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