Art bench appears in Vitebsk


Art bench appears in Vitebsk

Many art objects have recently appeared in Vitebsk, which is famous for its Slavonic Bazaar summer festival or arts. Among the new sculptures is a bench in the form of a construction trowel.

Workers of one of the city companies decided to decorate the Pravdy Street on their own. The enterprise notes it has long been going to implement the idea but lacked documents for approval.

The unusual bench is located near a public transport stop, attracting the attention of passers-by, while schoolchildren and students have already made selfies here.

In spring, the unusual bench might be decorated with flowers, making it more cozy and elegant. In addition, the designer Mikhail Bychkovsky has developed four more similar masterpieces. They should also appear on Pravdy Street.

Vitebsk has many traditions associated with some sculptures.

If you rub the bronze goldfish and the Old Khottabych, which were installed in Vitebsk this summer, and at the same time make a wish, it will certainly come true.