Belarus biathlete Darya Domracheva: curious facts


Belarus biathlete Darya Domracheva: curious facts

Who can tell about a child better than their mother? Darya Domracheva's mother Larisa Minina has told the Belarusian Biathlon Federation about her daughter's path to success in sport.

About Dasha in childhood

- She was very restless and mobile. Close friends of often called her a helicopter, because she could not sit still. While her peer, an unhurried boy, looked at something, she managed to run five times around him, bouncing around and doing something...

This became her character trait. Of course, the approach to solving problems in adulthood corrects this restlessness, but the activity, the ability to do a lot of things were instilled back in childhood.

About the love of travel

- In our family, an active attitude to life, curiosity, love of travel is practiced. We love to learn new things. While others can spend a week on the beach, we will learn all the interesting places in the area and enjoy the experience. This is our way of life. After all, there was a reason why Dasha's first card read: "Dasha Domracheva. Traveler".

About the choice of sport

- There was of course an element of chance in the choice of sport. In the Siberian town of Nyagan, where we left when Dasha was small (she was 4 years old), there was nothing to do in the winter, which lasts a very long time. I wondered what how I could entertain my kids since I was not at home often, I worked much. Even Saturdays sometimes. I always believed that sports in the open air is more useful for a child than somewhere in the hall. One day a director of a children's ski school came to me with a work-related question. I asked him if he would take on a 10-year-old boy. "Of course, let him come. We will give him skis and shoes," he replied. So Nikita (Daria's brother - Ed.) got into the ski section.

About races with boys

- The children were always friendly, and Dasha, who was 4 years younger than Nikita, followed him like a tail to the ski school. A few months later Nikita lost interest in the studies, while Dasha, on the contrary, was drawn into it. The girls sections opened only for girls of about 8-10 years old. Dasha was only six. She was the youngest, but immediately she became friends with the guys, and with the first coach Andrei Doroshenko. Dasha ran the first races with boys. Over time, she began to win. I think this also contributed to the fact that Dasha was doing sports with interest and excitement.

I have told this story many times, but I remember it for a lifetime, so I'll repeat it again. Once, my husband Volodya and I were at children's competitions in Nyagan. A wonderful winter sunny day. The guys have already run, Dasha won. We were waiting for her near the ski base. Boys were talking next to us, and I accidentally witnessed this dialogue. They did not know that I was Dasha's mom. "Well, how were you today?" - one asks. "Well, I lost only to Dasha," answers the second. "Well, would you expect to win against Dasha?" - the first guy replied. I remembered forever these respectful words towards my daughter. I smiled to myself and thought: "Wow!" Agree, when boys so highly appreciate a girl, it is very weighty.

About the choice between sport and study

- There was no such choice, because Dasha managed everything. Despite the large number of training sessions, camps, where she stayed for two or three weeks, skipping classes at school, she was very well educated. She graduated from the physics and mathematics class with a few fours (five is the highest mark in former Soviet countries). Sport helps to organize your time. If a person wants to achieve much in sports, then in school they will manage everything. Sport does not become a barrier to learning.

About exams at school

- She did everything herself. I used to read her compositions and rejoice how well she wrote them. If a person has an inborn literacy, then it's about Dasha. Once I asked if she needed help in preparing for exams, to which she answered: "Mom, it's me I'm studying, not you".

She graduated from the school when she was not yet 16 years old.

About education

- Both Nikita and Dasha grew up independent from childhood. We did not interfere with them, we only helped. I believe that a person must learn to feel responsible for themselves and their actions from the very childhood. If a person understands this, then they will do the right things, and if they make a mistake, they will do it themselves. We are only learning from our mistakes ... Volodya and I, of course, helped them, directed them, but we tried to do it unnoticed (smiles). When I currently talk to Ksenia (daughter of Domracheva and Bjørndalen - Ed.), I understand that this is already a person, and this person needs to be supported, but not in a straight way so that she believes that she herself made this or that choice.

Children were not released from household duties either. Together with pleasure they made something, decorated the home and school holidays artistically, prepared "something delicious". When I came from business trips, they met me with a delicious cake. Dasha has become a very good mother - she can cook delicious things quickly and serve them beautifully.

About support

- I believe that thoughts materialize. Before the start, I do not get tired of repeating in the affirmative form what we want and what we believe in. I do not know if it helps or not ... Races can be very difficult to watch, especially shooting. Sometimes people even tell me: "Get out of the TV, you can stop a bullet with your eyes!" Your own psychological state is also important!

I immediately remembered the long-suffering race in Oberhof (2009, at the fourth stage of the World Cup, in the mass start, Daria came first to the shooting range but began to shoot from the standing position rather than prone)...We were among the fans on the track during this race ... and we were shocked. I remember then Dasha left the track... Soon she came to us, with tears in her eyes. We tried to calm her down, to say that it was only today and it's all over, and tomorrow will be a new day. Do not get stopped by defeats. This is our family's position. Failure creates a certain mood, sporting anger and helps to rise higher than before, to take off to a new stage. Of course, experiencing such moments is not easy, but life cannot be smooth.

And then, after this stress in Oberhof, already at the next stage of the World Cup in Ruhpolding, Dasha first climbed on the podium in her adult biathlon, in individual World Cup races!

About citizenship

- Dasha was born in Minsk, Belarus, like me. My husband was born in a town of Cherven, not far from Minsk. We are Minsk citizens, it just happened that we went to Siberia for a certain period (after all, we all lived in the Soviet Union at that time). We thought it was for three years, but it took longer. We all knew Dasha would return to Minsk, we only did not know when... When she was still at school, we somehow went to Raubichi to talk with biathlon coaches. No one doubted she would compete under the flag of Belarus.

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