Belarus President: We will build nuclear power plant anyway

Belarus President: We will build nuclear power plant anyway

Belarus has successes in agriculture, pharmaceutics, and nuclear energy.

More than 25 thousand people are responsible for all these developments today. About 8,000 work in the Academy of Sciences. "They are the real elite of society," the President emphasized.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We are pleased with the results of the work of Belarusian scientists, doctors and pharmacists. To date, the share of domestic medicines in the republic's market in value terms has reached more than 56%. The share of exports of medicines in total production is 27%.

The construction of the nuclear power plant has formed a new, knowledge-intensive branch of our economy.

You know the jealous attitude of some of our neighbors to the construction and safety of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. But, firstly, safety is our concern. It's we who are primarily interested in the safe station. Secondly, instead of torpedoing some issues in the construction of the nuclear power plant... We will build it anyway, no matter how someone likes it or not - this is not our know-how. In the world, there are hundreds of such power units. We will build two own ones.

Instead of talking about the cessation of construction, closing, I already suggested to my neighbors: let's think together how to exploit it.

How to get cheap electric energy and provide not only Belarus (we will have a surplus of this energy), and how to provide all our neighbors.