Belarusians increase 4G traffic consumption tenfold in 2017

Belarusians increase 4G traffic consumption tenfold in 2017

Over the past six months, LTE users have used up to ten times more traffic compared to the same period in 2016, reported the infrastructure operator beCloud.

From June to November 2016 Belarusians used 2,400 terabytes of LTE traffic. In 2017, this indicator grew 9.6 times - up to 24,000 terabytes. 

Consumption per day is about 133 terabytes, with Minsk accounting for the lion's share of it.

The company's specialists explain the growth of traffic volumes by increasing users' interest in technology, the launch of new base stations and the expansion of the LTE network.

According to the operator, LTE technology is now available to 68.5% of Belarus' population. 

beCloud plans to provide 4G in the Minsk underground, both on stations and between them. The question is under consideration.

The infrastructure of beCloud is used by operators of MTS and life :). As for velcom, there are still no definite plans, but the company promises to give the operator access to 4G "instantly, on the same terms as for other partners."

A full 5G testing zone will be deployed in Minsk. By this time gadgets with the support of this technology should appear in the market.