Belarus starts building intellectual economy, President says

Belarus starts building intellectual economy, President says

The results of the Year of Science were summed up at the II Congress of Scientists in Minsk on December 13, where more than 2,000 representatives of the scientific community from all over Belarus gathered.

The Belarus head of state said: you need to be able to look beyond the horizons. This is why the Congress is talking about setting goals not for years but for decades ahead. The key document that was submitted for the II Congress of Belarusian scientists is the draft strategy "Science and technology: 2018-2040".

It is expected that the implementation of the program will increase the "science intensity" of GDP to 3%, and the share of breakthrough research and development will increase to 30% in total.

Alexander Lukashenko:
A large group of scientists and practitioners was involved in the creation of this strategy, which studied the world experience, formulated new tasks for building an innovative economy and scientific and technical priorities. Many of you participated in the preparation of this large-scale program. In the strategy we tried to determine our future model "Intelligent Belarus".

We have identified its key components: end-to-end digitalization of the economy and the creation of an IT country, a developed neo-industrial complex that meets the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, and a highly intelligent society.

The draft document was widely discussed, as was said here. But once again it is necessary to return to it, taking into account the discussions that have been held here, proposals that will be made by the delegates of the Congress. We need to objectively evaluate all the pros and cons, so that we get a tense, but really feasible program of actions, in the future it should give a dynamic pace of innovation development and bring the country to the forefront of scientific and technological progress. All of our society should be involved in the implementation of this action program.

Belarus is entering a new stage of development - the period of building an intellectual economy.

It is important for us to continue moving forward, relying on the reliable foundation created in previous years, and the experience gained. Realization of the assigned tasks will allow increasing the quality of life of the population, bringing the Belarusian economy to a higher level, and forming new factors of long-term economic growth. We will ensure a sustainable balanced development of our country through a combination of effective public administration, enhancing the role of science and education, and increasing innovative capacity.