Fans pick BATE's best player 2017


Fans pick BATE's best player 2017

Defender Nemanja Milunovic became the best player of BATE in the season-2017, according to fans' vote.

Registered users of the BATE official site determined Borisov's best football player by ranking them after each of the 49 official matches.

"Taking the average arithmetic value of the ratings of each individual player based on the results of all matches, we received a table of the fan rating of the year.

The number of matches played is in brackets. The list includes only players who featured in at least 25 games," reads the statement on the BATE site.

Top 5 BATE players, according to fans:

1. Nemanja Milunovic 7.60 (36)
2. Stanislav Drahun 7.34 (25)
3. Denis Scherbitsky 7.26 (38)
4. Igor Stasevich 7.15 (45)
5. Mirko Ivanic 7.09 (44)