Belarus President promises to sign IT decree in 2017

Belarus President promises to sign IT decree in 2017

Alexander Lukashenko promised to sign the decree "On the development of the digital economy in Belarus" before the 2017/18 New Year. He said this at the plenary session of the II Congress of Belarusian scientists.

- In the world, information technology penetrates everywhere. There is a reason why the modern economy is called digital. Look at what is happening now: robotization covers industry, IT platforms are replacing traditional trade, blockchain is all over the financial world and artificial intelligence increasingly replaces man in the usual spheres of life. And we need information and communication technologies to create intelligent systems, handle extremely large amounts of data, support decision-making for government," the president said.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that everything he listed above is already developing in Belarus.

- It's not just some kind of dreams. Some scientists of many states only dream about this and learn these terms, try to understand their essence. Belarus, on the contrary, has already developed this. It is necessary not to rest on laurels but go forward.

According to the president, the Belarus High-Tech Park should expand to new horizons.

- Just the other day we thoroughly examined the draft decree on the IT sector in Belarus, which by right can be called revolutionary. As I promised, it will be signed before the New Year. It creates the conditions for Belarus to join the most advanced IT states, and in certain areas become one of the world leaders. Having fulfilled all the provisions of the decree we will go further in implementing the ambitious project to build an IT country," the president concluded.