Quattro Capital invests into Belarusian startup RocketBody

Quattro Capital invests into Belarusian startup RocketBody

The startup received investments from Quattro Capital.

Quattro Capital is a Belarusian investment company which specializes on direct investments into capital stock of young IT companies.

The total sum of the investment hasn’t been announced. Nevertheless, the total value of the Belarusian startup within the investments summed up to about one million dollars.

It was very important for RocketBody to receive these investments right now, when the startup is ready to enter the market.

The algorithms of the startup help sportsmen to calculate the moment of super compensation inside the training cycle, when the organism reaches the highest work productivity, and trainings are more efficient. The specially developed tracker by RocketBody does not only calculate the distance, but also does an electrocardiogram with “medical accuracy”.

The director of Quattro Capital has commented on the company investing into RocketBody.

“Why did we invest into RocketBody? It is a growing multibillion sector, it is a bright business and RocketBody has a serious team to realize the history of Garmin’s success”.

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