Belarus developing nanoparticles for targeted treatment

Belarus developing nanoparticles for targeted treatment

Work is underway in Belarus to create nanoparticles for the targeted delivery of drugs to the human body, said Academician-Secretary of the Department of Biological Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences Mikhail Nikiforov.

"The treatment of many diseases is associated with side effects. The treating substance in the body acts on something positive, in the right direction, for example, on cancer cells, but it also acts on other cells. Our biophysicists and biochemists develop such substances that facilitate the targeted delivery of medicinal substances to the right cells, without affecting others. This is of great importance, we are in the world trend," Nikiforov said.

First, a number of preclinical trials are to be launched, after which the substance can be widely used. The future of biotechnology and similar developments is excellent, the expert believes:

- Biotechnologies have great economic prospects, because they are able to control microorganisms that are active producers of a large number of substances useful to humans and their activities. Scientists are faced with the task not only to find microorganisms that produce these substances, but also to construct super-producers to transfer technology to industrial scales. This involved microbiologists, geneticists, biophysicists, specialists in the field of cellular engineering.

Biotechnology itself is one of the leading branches of Belarusian science, said Mikhail Nikiforov: "Few people do without biotechnology when it comes to living organisms. This is a modern direction, which is developing very rapidly. Scientists have the opportunity to interfere in the genetic code of all living things on Earth if they decipher it. We can not only understand the processes that occur in living systems, but also manage these systems. High hopes are connected with biotechnology."