Belarus ready to expand economic relations with Moldova

Belarus ready to expand economic relations with Moldova

The economic interests of Belarus and Moldova were discussed in the Palace of Independence on December 12, 2017. Alexander Lukashenko met with the Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip.

Belarus and Moldova have been cooperating for a long time. And today Belarus is ready to expand its presence on the internal market of Moldova. There are big prospects for mutual cooperation. Belarus produces agricultural equipment. After a small decrease, the mutual commodity circulation is once again increasing. Before the end of 2017, the efficiency level will reach 200 million dollars.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
It is good that there is no subjective factor in our relations with Moldova, that we do not look askance at each other, that someone is better off, someone is older or younger- we do not have it. There is common sense. If necessary, we are ready to restore the level of economic relations which was during the Soviet times, because there is nothing else we need to restore. We are close nations, we never considered Moldova a foreign country, after the collapse of the Soviet Union we feel worried about what is happening there.

For pragmatic reasons, even if you do not stand up, the necessity in Belarusians will be higher, and we will have a possibility to work on the market in big volumes. However, it is not the most important. The most import is for the states to exist as united and integral units, not separated states, not split and torn into pieces. And so that people live happily on these territories. If it will be so, there will be commodity circulation we are striving for, and it will increase and corresponding growth will begin.

And if you have additional wishes to work on the Belarusian market, we will have no problems, because you are coming to us with those products, we do not produce.

If you have a possibility and a wish for Belarus to be more widely presented in Kishinev and Moldova as a whole, be sure that we will do it quickly, as we can do it.

Pavel Filip, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova:
I want to express gratitude of Moldova, because we will never forget how in the hardest of times Belarus helped Moldova, when it was difficult for us on the international level. Our people will always remember it. I cannot but say how wonderful our relations are. The important thing I wanted to say that during my first visit to Belarus we agreed on holding intergovernmental commissions twice every year, and it gives results. That aim, the first one and the one we have set, we have reached before the end of 2017:

the commodity circulation will reach 200 million dollars. 

Representatives of Moldova are not unusual guests in the Palace of Independence. It once again underlines the high level of trust between official Minsk and Kishinev. As many as 25 companies with Moldavian capital work in Belarus. What is more, more than 60 Belarusian companies work in Moldova.