Minsk transport working hours during New Year night

Minsk transport working hours during New Year night

One of the most important celebrations of the year everyone is expecting is coming very soon. New Year is the time when family and friends gather at one table, enjoy their festive meals and simply have a great time together. But what if this time you are planning to meet New Year somewhere out? How will public transport be working in Minsk?

The working hours of Minsk metro will be prolonged till 4 a.m. during New Year night

and the underground will open its doors for passengers on January 1 as usual, at 5:30 a.m. Metro stations Frunzenskaya, Nemiga, Oktyabrskaya and Kupalovskaya will be open till 4:15 a.m.

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What is more, the working hours of ground transport will slightly change as well.

From December 15 till January 15 the time interval of buses No. 1 and No. 100 will be decreased down to 20 minutes. If a Saturday will be a working day, then the ground transport will work according to the Friday schedule.

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