Look at these Minsk cats that cost over $1,800!

Look at these Minsk cats that cost over $1,800!

An exhibition of cats was held last weekend in Minsk. How much do pets of fashionable breeds cost?

Parents of golden Bengal cat Simba were silvery and snow-white in color. This means that in the subsequent breeding the individual should be promising: kittens from such cat can be of three colors.

Such cats now cost $300-600 in Minsk if you buy them for yourself, and $1,800 if you plan to breed them.

The price depends on the color and some nuances: "expensive" cats have a straight nose, a strong chin and a "certain nape".

- There are not many people wishing to buy such cats. Mostly people buy for themselves. We sell older kittens cheaper - we are not greedy, says seller Violetta.

The price of $1,800 is not the limit. Scottish Fold can cost up to $3,000 if you buy a kitten for breeding. Abyssinian cats are cheaper: at $600-800. Bobtails have fallen in price too: they used to cost $500, but today you can buy one for $150-200.