Belarusian IT entrepreneur about new digital economy decree

Belarusian IT entrepreneur about new digital economy decree

On December 11, 2017 the head of state was presented a draft decree on Hi-Tech Park (HTP) and the digitalization of the economy at a meeting on the IT sector of Belarus. The decree "On the development of the digital economy" was discussed there as well. What is more, it may be signed as soon as this week.

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The issue attracted the attention of many specialists and the prominent Belarusian IT entrepreneur Viktor Prokopenya has commented on the innovation on his Facebook page.

“Dear friends, dear IT specialists! The results of today’s meeting with the Preisdent on digital economy: the decree will be signed before the end of the current year, it is a super liberal variant with the support of all means of using blockchain, 100% of bureaucracy absence, absence of any business model, complete freedom in employing foreign specialists, support of education, institutes of English law and so on.

The President supported the idea to improve English studies in Belarus, so that every child could freely speak after school in the English language.

The number of IT specialists will increase massively. Hooray! Congratulations to everyone. It seems that we’ll have a wonderful New Year".

Overall, the decree on the development of the digital economy will create conditions for the development of Belarusian IT companies, open investments for foreign capital, eliminate risks in the field of quality education and attract the strongest personnel to the country.