Zubr Capital invests into Softline

Zubr Capital invests into Softline

The management company equity fund “Zubr Capital” has announced about investing money into Softline’s ActivePlatform and ActiveCloud projects.

These projects develop cloud solutionS for business, the companies work in Belarus, and nevertheless they belong to a Russian company Softline, the first office of which in Belarus was opened in 2001.

ActiveCloud is a cloud where Belarusian and foreign companies rent powers and can quickly increase and decrease them without using its own data centers. What is more, it is among the top-5 CIS services.

ActivePlatform is often compared with AppStore or Play Market,

but it is meant for corporate clients only. The system offers a subscription to use any program. It is a lot cheaper and a lot more convenient rather than buying licensed computer programs. It took about 18 months to develop the agreement; nevertheless, the concrete sum of the investments is not being announced. However, it is known that it is somewhere from 3.5-10 million dollars.

Director General of “Zubr Capital” sees the investments very profitable. He emphasized that several development banks are eager to invest into this company as well and get some profit out of it.

“The company is now in Gartner Group which is very important. It means that it makes products of high quality. Only several companies in the world do this. It happened to be so that one of these companies is located in Belarus”.

The money will be invested into the Belarusian Softline business and into the development of ActivePlatform.

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