Belarus Operational Analytical Center gets new leader


Belarus Operational Analytical Center gets new leader

Alexander Lukashenko has appointed new leaders of the Operational Analytical Center and the Security Service of the President of Belarus. This became known following the President's meeting with the heads of the law enforcement bloc, the press service of the Belarusian president reports.

Colonel Dmitry Shakhrayev, who previously served as deputy head of the President's Security Service and recently acting as the head of the Operational Analytical Center , was appointed chief of the President's Security Service.

Colonel Andrei Pavlyuchenko, who previously served as the head of the President's Security Service, was appointed head of the Operational Analytical Center (OAC).

Opening the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko noted that at a meeting with representatives of the IT sector, which was held before this meeting, it was said that the world is far from being calm and there are various new threats. "There are hotbeds of tension. Therefore, external security is very urgent for us. But no less important for us is internal security, stability of the development of our country, our society. Fighting corruption is one of the key elements of this," the President said.

The Operational and Analytical Center and the President's Security Service are involved in this work together with other law enforcement agencies.

"After all, we are doing a decent job. And we are rightfully proud of what progress has been made in fighting this evil - corruption - in Belarus. This is recognized in the international arena," said Alexander Lukashenko.

"Nevertheless, we have a lot of problems. There are officials who do not understand or just risk understanding what consequences this may lead to. This is their right. We must strengthen our work in this direction."

According to SB Belarus Today, Secretary of the Security Council Stanislav Zas paid special attention to the fact that both officers have proved themselves in their previous jobs and the decision takes into account their personal qualities to the greatest degree.

- Colonel Pavlyuchenko successfully worked as the head of the President's Security Service. There are no complaints against him. But given his potential as an operational officer, as an expert analyst, such a decision was made... Colonel Shakhrayev coped with the task that was set before him in the OAC - to shake up the staff and bring order there.

The meeting with the President, according to Stanislav Zas, was devoted to combating corruption and ensuring security in general.

- The focus is on the work of two divisions - the Presidential Security Service and the President's Operational Analytical Center. The current state of affairs and tasks which are solved by these two structures were considered.

On October 13, Alexander Lukashenko held an emergency meeting with representatives of law enforcement agencies. During the meeting, the President dismissed "some leaders and employees" of the Operational Analytical Center before the end of the investigation of "facts that were submitted to him".

"In connection with questions to the work of the OAC on the part of a commission established on behalf of the President, the head of state decided to temporarily remove some of the leaders and staff of the Operational Analytical Center from the posts until the investigation regarding the facts reported to the President is over," the message read.