Over 70,000 visa-free tourists visit Belarus in 2017


Over 70,000 visa-free tourists visit Belarus in 2017

About 125 thousand tourists have visited Belarus since the visa-free stay was introduced in Belarus.

In 2015 foreigners were allowed to visit the Belovezhskaya Pushcha Natural Reserve for more than three days, in 2016 they could visit the Augustow Canal up to five days without a visa.

The consultant of tourism department at the Ministry of Sport and Tourism Marina Mastashova has commented on the issue.

“In 2017 the Belovezhskaya Pusha has been visited by about 4 thousand visa-free tourists, what is more,

over 48 thousand foreigners from 61 countries visited the Augustow Canal in the same time on a visa-free basis”.

Nevertheless, Belarus decided to introduce such a regime for tourists coming into the country through the airport. In February 2017 a five-day visa-free stay was introduced for foreigners from 81 countries.

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As on November 30, 2017, 73.2 thousand foreigners from 68 countries entered the territory of Belarus. This data has been provided by the Customs Committee of Belarus. According to the Committee, about four million foreigners visit Belarus annually, about 83% of them are from neighboring states.

The introduction of the visa-free regime has vividly improved the tourism sector of Belarus. In 2016 the tourism sector earned 160 million dollars, when in the period of January to October 2017, this sector earned over 166.5 million dollars.

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