Belarusian cat becomes popular YouTube star

Belarusian cat becomes popular YouTube star

The most popular Belarusian cat Pusic lives in a settlement Gatovo, which is near Minsk. He is a true star of YouTube, he has his own channel and over 200 thousand subscribers.

Pusic’s videos have been watched for more than 32 million times and the majority of his fans live in the USA. Pusic has hearing difficulties, just as the people with whom he lives with.

Vyacheslav and Yulia found the small kitten three years ago, nobody wanted him. He was a cardboard box and he constantly kept on meowing. Vyacheslav wanted to feed him, however, it turned out that the kitten couldn't see anything. The couple decided to take Pusic to the vet, where many more problems were determined. Vyacheslav and Yulia fought for the kitten’s life for seven days, luckily he recovered and now he is living a perfectly active life.

All of a sudden the couple decided to film their cat in his everyday life and uploading the videos online.

“I never thought that someone would  be interested in it”, explains Vyachelav.

“But people watch these videos, some people like and enjoy watching them”.

Nevertheless, there are those who think that there is nothing difficult in filming their pet and then uploading it online. But all the time you have to think of something new and creative, so that the viewers enjoy the video and will want to watch more.

As a result, Pusic and his YouTube channel became so popular, that it started bringing profit from the advertisements on the cannel.

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