President Lukashenko comments on Russia’s ban from 2018 Winter Olympics


President Lukashenko comments on Russia’s ban from 2018 Winter Olympics

During a working visit to OJSC “Komvol”, Alexander Lukashenko answered some questions of the company’s employees. One of the issues concerned sanctions against Russian athletes.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
What do we know? We know only this noise made in the mass media: “They have upset us and put pressure on us” and so on. At the moment there are no absolute calm and informed decisions. At least there were no decisions before the Russian President said that everyone who wants to go to the Olympic Games must go under any flag. I consider it a right thing to have been said. God forbid if something like this happened with Belarusian athletes, I would do exactly the same.

You can, it is your life-just as it is your life-you can, go there and show result.

Russia can solve this problem smartly, by proving to the whole world, that Russia is a great sports superpower and it was unfair to treat Russian sportsmen like that, and if Russian athletes go there and show what they are worth. They win in snowboarding, ski races, in short track and ice hockey. It will be the brightest proof that the complaints against Russia are unreasonable. What concerns doping, the fact that the International Olympic Committee is fighting against it in such a way- I fully support it.

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