Darya Domracheva wins sprint in Hochfilzen

Darya Domracheva wins sprint in Hochfilzen

Belarusian biathlonist Darya Domrachva has won gold in the sprint race of the second stage of the IBU World Cup Biathlon.

It is the first victory of Darya after giving birth to her daughter.

The prominent Belarusian athlete overcame the distance with a result of 22 minutes and 40.2 seconds, and what is more, she made clean shots. The weather conditions during the race were not on the athlete’s side, nevertheless, Darya managed to grab her victory.

Alexander Lukashenko congratulated Darya shortly after the race and Darya herself commented on her victory in her Instagram account.

Darya Domracheva:
The weather conditions before the start were completely different, in such situations it is important to timely react to the weather changes. It has been a long time since I won gold. As I was told, since March 2015. In summer I trained in Hochfilzen, I know the distance pretty well and it is what probably helped me to win.