Stadler trains to go from Minsk to all major cities of Belarus by 2020


Stadler trains to go from Minsk to all major cities of Belarus by 2020

Belarusian Railways plans to organize Stadler train routes to all regional centers (all the five major cities) from Minsk by 2020, head of passenger service of the Belarusian Railways Alexander Zakharevich said.

"Recently, we have purchased 18 units of modern Stadler-made rolling stock for passenger transportation between Minsk and the satellite towns (Zaslavl, Smolevichi, Rudensk), regional and inter-regional business class communications. The technical characteristics of these trains make it possible to carry out transportation with higher speeds while providing comfortable conditions for travel.”

For example, such train covers the distance from Minsk to Gomel in 2 hours 59 minutes. With such speeds, the Belarusian Railways can already compete with road transport. In addition, these are trains of a new generation - very comfortable and convenient.

“We plan to link all regional centers with the capital of Belarus, Minsk, thanks to such trains by 2020. Today they ply from Minsk to Gomel and Brest," Zakharevich explained.

Thus trains from Minsk will be launched to Mogilev, Grodno, and Vitebsk too. Plans are to purchase another 10 units of motorized rolling stock on electric traction and 6 six-passenger diesel trains. The latter will be used exactly for abovementioned routes: Minsk-Vitebsk, Minsk-Grodno and Minsk-Mogilev.