Velcom launches first Internet of Things network in Belarus

Velcom launches first Internet of Things network in Belarus

Telecom operator Velcom has launched the first narrow-band network NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) in Belarus. It covers the entire territory of the capital Minsk.

The large-scale launch of the NB-IoT network will allow developing the "Internet of things" in the whole city, and not only in the pilot zones. The base stations already now provide a stable coverage in each region: narrowband communication penetrates into the most inaccessible places, through massive walls of buildings and on the basement floors.

In terms of the signal's penetration level, the new standard can exceed the current M2M technologies about 20 times, said the press service of Velcom.

The NB-IoT network will be free for the first months. "We expect that this will be an incentive for developers to actively implement and launch modern technological solutions in Minsk that will help improve people's lives and increase the efficiency of enterprise systems," Velcom says.

Following Minsk, Velcom plans to deploy the NB-IoT network in other areas of Belarus.

Belarus became one of the few countries in Europe that launched such a network. The technology can find application in many areas - from electronic medicine to smart city. "Belarus can become one of the leaders in the field of Internet of things. Many projects that are planned to be implemented will in the future save lives, effectively manage the city and rationally use available resources. This is just the beginning: the NB-IoT network can become the basis for the implementation of many other high-tech projects," Velcom believes.