Alex Hleb not going to London for Arsenal v BATE match


Alex Hleb not going to London for Arsenal v BATE match

Belarusian football player Alexander Hleb did not go to the match of the Europa League Arsenal v BATE, which will be held in London on the evening of December 7. The midfielder is now in Germany, where he went to his friend's birthday.

"Yes, I'm going to watch the game on TV," the football player said. "Who will I root for? Honestly, I do not want to make any estimates. What for? I'll cheer for beautiful football."

Alexander Hleb's career is closely connected with both BATE and Arsenal. Playing for Borisov, he became the champion of Belarus and attracted the attention of football scouts. Five years later, after playing at "Stuttgart", Hleb moved to London, where he became one of the key players of the team of the legendary Arsene Wenger.

More than 10 years have passed since then. This year, 36-year-old Hleb is thinking about the end of his career. After learning that Arsenal will be BATE's opponent in the Europa League group stage the player asked BATE to sign him, at least before the Arsenal game.

"I talked about this with Ermakovich (the head coach of FC BATE), asked him to give me the opportunity to go to the game versus Arsenal at least as a substitute and thus finish my career in a beautiful way. I did not intend to prevent the club from solving the tasks set. Although I could help them to look worthy in the League of Europe," said Hleb.

It really could be a beautiful end to his career, but the Borisov club refused the midfielder. As a result, Hleb will watch the match of his two teams on TV.