Devyatovskiy: Belarus against boycotting 2018 Olympics


Devyatovskiy: Belarus against boycotting 2018 Olympics

The former Belarusian Olympian, and now deputy of the House of Representatives, Vadim Devyatovsky, is sure that it would not be necessary to ban the entire Russian national team from participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics under Russian flag. According to him, if individual athletes were caught using doping, then they should be punished so that the rest, "clean" athletes, do not bear group responsibility.

Vadim Devyatovsky: "Imagine an athlete who has never violated anti-doping rules, always honestly filled out location forms, handed over doping tests, and imagine that they say to them:" You're not going to the Olympics." Just because they bear shared responsibility.

We will not talk about the system now - there is a very delicate question here, and you cannot rush into words, but just imagine the reaction of an honest athlete. Yes, there are sports where one can be more suspicious - cycling, weightlifting and athletics. But let's take figure skating - I did not hear that there was a problem of doping there in general.

At the same time, Devyatovsky is categorically against the fact that the Belarusian national team, in solidarity with the Russians, should refuse to participate in the Winter Olympics.

Devyatovsky: "We must not forget about the fate of the athlete, the destiny of man. Don't succumb to emotions. I understand the indignation of people who make such harsh calls, but I ask you to pay attention to athletes - perhaps this is their chance to perform at the Olympics, which could be the only one in their lives."

A deputy of the Russian State Duma of Russia, Vitaly Milonov, called on the national Olympic committees of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as BRICS countries (Brazil, India, China and South Africa) to refuse to participate in the 2018 Olympics in solidarity with Russia. According to Milonov, the International Olympic Committee bans Russia for political reasons.