Alexander Bogdanovich comments on Russia’s ban from 2018 Winter Olympics

Alexander Bogdanovich comments on Russia’s ban from 2018 Winter Olympics

Russia has been banned from participating in the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea. Doping scandals have badly influenced the reputation of different countries under different circumstances. But the doping scandal with Russian sportsmen was one of the most large-scale in the history of sport.

Belarusian sportsmen had something to say on the issue, amongst them was Alexander Bogdanovich.

Alexander Bogdanovich, deputy of the House of Representatives of the National assembly of the Republic of Belarus, medal winner of the Olympic Games (London 2012), champion of the Olympic Games (Beijing, 2008), rowing and canoeing world and European champion:
If we take Ancient Rome, when the Olympic Games were held, all the wars stopped. I think that it was done for a reason. This should have been preserved to these days. The fact that it is being violated, it makes sport uninteresting, because we all understand, that sports a fair game. These are political games, where they cannot take part. I can only feel sorry for them because it is very difficult. I went through it myself, when all your life you strive for a good result, and when you can show this result, and then you suddenly get banned from taking part in the Olympics. It is terrible.

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There are many mismatches in the dark story; nevertheless the current situation is that only those Russian athletes will be able to compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics, who will prove their nonbelonging to the doping scandal and only under a neutral flag.

The Russian Olympic Committee still hasn’t given any comments; they have taken timeout in order to discuss a strategy.