Club promoted to 2018 Belarus Premier League with 10-point deduction


Club promoted to 2018 Belarus Premier League with 10-point deduction

The season of the First League of the football championship of Belarus has ended. One of the newcomers of the elite division will be the young Minsk club "Luch" (in English: "Ray") under the leadership of the ambitious coach Ivan Bionchik.

After the sanctions of the Federation season-2017, the Bionchik team began the season with -10 points and despite this became champions. Already at the beginning of the second round they were among the leaders of the First League.

Luch won the ticket to the Highest League before the last round match vs Torpedo Minsk.

According to experts, Luch is one of the few teams of the first league which plays combination game. The coach Ivan Bionchik has his own opinion on this matter.

- Such football is unaccustomed to Belarusian realities. Something similar was shown by BATE and Slutsk in the first round. Yes, I want my teams to play the football that fans like. This is a game with combinations, competent decisions in lines and spectacular performances of athletes. It seems to me that a person comes to the stadium to see something along these lines.

At the moment Luch has only a few players who played in the elite football, while most are the youth, who came to the team together with Bionchik.

Bionchik's charges note the complexity of tasks during training, because not everyone can understand them from the first time.

- I will try to explain on the example of a conditional team X. To beat it you need an analysis of the opponent's actions. Then we look, whether we have exercises that will help us streamline preparation. If not, the coaching staff develops them. Not to just load the players... All actions are aimed at winning. Exercises, as a rule, are aimed at a certain group of athletes. Simply put, with an eye on the position on the field. Depending on the situation, the performer shows their best qualities or, on the contrary, causes the opponent to make a mistake.

Last year, the football club Luch was involved in a major scandal involving match fixing. Former manager of the team Yuri Syrokvashko was sentenced to three years of restriction of freedom, and some players received large monetary fines. The club was deprived of a bronze medal. Ivan Bionchik began the 2017 season with -10 points in the table, but still won it.