Gdynia shooter to remain at liberty, court says

Gdynia shooter to remain at liberty, court says

Belarusian Stepan Svidersky, who is accused of attempted murder after shooting in the office of Thomson Reuters, will remain at large, Radio Gdansk reports.

The District Court of Gdansk has rejected the complaint of the prosecutor's office against the decision of the lower court and left Sidersky's preventive measure unchanged.

The Polish police detained the Belarusian, but later released based on his pledge. According to the investigation, Svidersky on November 14 shot twice from the pistol, including once - in the direction of the person who now is considered a victim.

The court explained the current decision by the fact that the incident was provoked by the victim, not by Svidersky. According to Stepan, when he came to work with the gun and the pistol, they were in cases. At some point, he saw that the long-barreled gun was taken by another man, and he asked to put it back, but he did not listen and went towards the exit. Since the responsibility for the safety of weapons rested with Svidersky, he made warning shots, including one - in the direction of the victim, to resolve the situation.

The district court noted that this decision against the Belarusian citizen is final.

Svidersky does sports shooting and has the right to bear arms. According to him, he shot so as not to hurt people.

Stepan has reportedly lost his job at Reuters after the accident and friends have recently said they are gathering money for him.

Photo: Gdańskie Centrum Strzeleckie / Anka