Belarus does not want to substitute Russia at 2018 Olympics


Belarus does not want to substitute Russia at 2018 Olympics

Deputy Chairman of the Hockey Federation of Belarus and a member of the Council of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) Sergei Goncharov said that the Belarusian hockey team would not want to replace the Russian team at the 2018 Olympics.

"If we talk about the possible replacement of the Russian team by the Belarusian team, then we would not like to benefit on the grief of other people. We had to decide the issue on the ice, and now nothing depends on us. But if it so happens that Russia will not participate in the Games, then we will have to consider this opportunity. But I do not think that will come to this.

All "clean" athletes must compete in the Olympic Games and, I think, under their own flag. But if the decision of the IOC stays, but Russia should come to Korea under a neutral flag.

First of all you need to think about athletes. If you ask them, they are all ready to fight for their homeland under a neutral flag. If you ask those who did not go to the Games in 1984, they will all tell you that they would gladly go. I think, in any case, with the victory of Russians in Korea, the Russian anthem will sound in the Kremlin, and on Red Square, and across the country, it is also very important," Goncharov said.

The IOC Executive Committee on Tuesday decided to disqualify the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), while "clean" Russian athletes will have the opportunity to perform at the Olympic Games-2018 under the flag of the IOC.

The Belarusian national hockey team, according to the rating, may replace the Russian team. Yesterday it became known that the Russian team in full squad appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to allow to perform at the Olympics.