Court leaves Gdynia shooter from Belarus out of prison

Court leaves Gdynia shooter from Belarus out of prison

The district court has left the pre-trial measures unchanged for the Belarusian who shot in Gdynia’s Thompson Reuters office.

The court made a decision to decline the request of the Prosecution Office to detain Stepan Svidersky. What is more, the judge commented that there is no reason for arresting the Belarusian due to the fact that the initiator of the incident was the complainant, who took the gun without asking and did not give it back.

The Polish sports-shooting center Ardea has published an announcement on their website, where Stepan told about going in for target shooting for years. When he got the license for carrying a gun, he was returning with the gun after the training to work. According to the words of the Belarusian, the incident happened when another person took the gun out of the case. Stepan also explained that the person with a gun headed for the corridor and there was danger that something may happen. What is more, he said that he had to shoot because the situation became strained and according to the law he had to protect the gun.

“I did not attack anyone; I did not threaten anyone, from the very beginning of the incident I was asking to call the police in order to solve the situation”.

The Belarusian is being charged with an assault to murder, the incident happened on November 14, 2017.

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