Kotlovka checkpoint e-queue guide, Belarus


Kotlovka checkpoint e-queue guide, Belarus

The Belarus State Border Committee reports that the traffic order has changed at the international road border crossing point "Kotlovka" on the Belarusian side of the border with Lithuania after the introduction of an electronic queue system. Now you can drive both in the order of a live queue, and according to a previously booked time.

The State Border Committee has also announced an algorithm for those drivers who want to use the paid service and book a convenient time for themselves to cross the border. To do this you need to:

- pass the procedure of electronic reservation;

- pay for this service;

- arrive at the entrance to the waiting area before the checkpoint "Kotlovka" before the beginning of the booked interval;

- register and, after the opening of the barrier, enter a certain channel in the waiting area to a designated parking space;

- wait for the registration number of your vehicle to appear on the electronic display;

- leave the waiting area in the reserved time and proceed to the checkpoint.

In fact, the electronic queue system determines only the time of entry to the checkpoint. Each person crossing the border passes border, customs and other types of control in accordance with the established procedure. That is, no one guarantees that the driver will pass the border at the time they booked.

To cross the border on a first-come-first-served basis, the procedure as a whole remained customary:

- you pass the registration procedure of the vehicle at the entrance to the waiting area before the checkpoint;

- wait for the opening of the barrier and proceed to the waiting area on a certain channel;

- stay in the waiting area until the registration number of the vehicle appears on the electronic display;

- proceed from the waiting area towards the checkpoint.